Chlorinated Paraffin
Our company focuses on providing best quality products. Our name in the industry is a symbol of excellent quality.
Chlorinated Paraffin
Hydrochloric Acid
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Orient Micro Abrasives Limited is the leading producer of the most widely used extreme pressure additives-

Chlorinated Paraffins

. Our ability lies in the customization of the product according to needs of the customer.
Orient Micro Abrasives Limited enjoys global leadership in its business, being one of the oldest in the industry. Our pan – India presence makes it as one of the most preferred supplier of Hydrochloric acid (HCl). OMAL Chlorinated paraffin wax is recogni- zed as a brand name in Indian market.
Chlorinated Paraffin

Chlorinated Paraffin 52%


Chlorinated Paraffin 60%


Chlorinated Paraffin 42%

Chlorinated Paraffin Manufacturer